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Experience Design Planning

I am happy to offer these services:

Project Consulting

...where I play the flexible role of experience designer on your team.

Do you already have an experiential offering (like a workshop, retreat, or event) that you want to optimize? Are you developing a new experience and you’re looking for a creative thought partner, or deeper insight into the psychology of your audience? 


Together we will define your objectives and the appropriate process for your project’s development.

Your project's development process may include steps like:

Coaching to establish audience-centric experience goals

Ideating new or tweaked elements of the experience to achieve those goals

Referencing relevant research on your audience’s experience

Testing elements before your event to iterate on them early

Planning new ways to evaluate the success of your experience

Decision-making to strategically set priorities every step of the way

Meaningful connection

Speaking & Facilitation

...where I customize and deliver an educational experience for your team.

Are you part of a team that creates collective experiences? Are you hungry for research insights on what leaves audiences satisfied, leading to better word of mouth and a desire to come back for more? Could your team use a dose of fun and meaningful connection with each other?

My workshops are always customized, participatory, and rich in practical research insights.


Participants agree, describing these sessions as an “incredibly thoughtful, inspiring, and meaningful experience for us as a team”!

Fun experience at an event

Project Management & Event Production

...where I play the role of producer on your team.


Do you need support in bringing all your cool ideas to life, so your audience can have a fuller, richer experience? Are you a facilitator trying to run the whole show yourself?

Empowered to work together and collaborate

As part of my project consultation, I can also step in to help execute the vision. I excel at making sure every little detail reflects your larger vision, setting priorities strategically, and keeping you organized.

Overall, I create capacity so you are free to focus on the parts that are most important to you.

It all really starts with a conversation

Tell me about what excites you.

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