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Positive experience

“Why would I work with an experience designer? What is experience design anyway?”

Experience design is the creative process of crafting elements of an experience so that your desired outcomes—both within and among people—will be more likely to emerge from the experience.

Experience design team

If you are offering an experience, it’s probably precisely because you have such “desired outcomes” in mind for your participants.

It could be so they...

Learn something new,

Engage with your brand, or

Simply have a ton of fun!

(And they had better believe it’s worth the price of admission—even if the only thing they spend is their precious time!)

But: it is extraordinarily easy to fall back on formulas of event planning that may not actually serve your desired outcomes, or that may not achieve them to their full potential.


An intentional experience design practice keeps you focused on core experiential goals and the value to your participants.


The result is better for your participants, which means it’s also better for your business.


Let me know what resonates with you.

About Sydney

I fell in love with positive psychology because it is relevant to everyone. This field empowers people to take action: not only to improve your own situation and but also to make the world a better place. It doesn't get much more meaningful than that, right??

I have followed this passion for over 10 years, working with positive psychology's founders, leaders, and foremost innovators. This includes work at the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA) and the University of Pennsylvania's Positive Psychology Center.

Last but not least about me: I am a lifelong dancer, a superfan of BTS (and student of 한국어), and a newbie DnD player. I am an East Coast transplant now based in Los Angeles. How about you?

I have a vision for positive psychology to reach more than just the people actively seeking "self improvement." People already pursue both new and familiar experiences—concerts, museum visits, cultural events, you name it!—for their emotional and social value. Imagine if these moments were intentionally crafted through the lens of well-being? How much more impactful they might be?

To make a longer story shorter (one which involves becoming the first person to ever earn a Master's degree in Games and Health, a pioneering program from the University of Southern California), pursuing this vision is how I developed my experience design consulting practice of today.

Sydney Rubin Photo

I love the process of collaborating with creative and passionate people. My clients are interactive installation artists, positive psychology experts and thought-leaders, tour producers, entrepreneurs building community and social movements, and more!

My work has taken me from professional development programs in workplaces to local pop-up events to major music festivals. The common thread is that the people I work with truly care about positively impacting the humans at their experiences.

It all really starts with a conversation

Tell me about what excites you.

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