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Positive group experience with friends

Leveling up collective experiences

Powered by the science of well-being

The signs of a successful event – things like feelings of connection among your participants, positive emotions like joy or awe, and a sense of greater meaning – also happen to be the building blocks of psychological wellness.


When you design for both, you get memorable experiences that will energize, move, and delight your people.

That's what I do.

Hello, I’m Sydney!

Syd Rubin Headshot

I partner with leaderscreative teams, and positive psychology practitioners to make their experiences more impactful for their audiences. 

I believe that intentionally centering participants' psychological and social needs during the design process unlocks the greater potential of collective experiences as sources of growth, community, and overall well-being. 

If your work involves bringing people together for things like workshops, retreats, or events, let’s talk about optimizing these opportunities—for both you and the people you serve.

Sydney Rubin Experiential Consulting

It all really starts with a conversation

Tell me about what excites you.

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