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Portfolio & Recent Experience

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 i/o disco.

i/o disco is an interactive installation which was unveiled at EDC Las Vegas 2022, a 3-day electronic music festival among the largest in the world. Inspired by old school arcade games, the power of music, and the story of the first house DJs in Chicago, the installation featured an original two-player cooperative rhythm-based game, House Hero. i/o disco was enjoyed by thousands of festival-goers in May 2022.

I was contracted by Project Wonder, the creators of i/o disco, as a project manager and for my expertise in games and experiential.

Project contributions:

Project management

Digital game production

Consulting on game & experience design

On-site project management during EDC Las Vegas

Strengths Celebration photo.png

Strengths Celebration

I was contracted by EdFam™—a group of facilitators, practitioners, and experienced educators all trained in the application of positive psychology—to help bring a new dimension of fun, guest-focused experience to the delivery of their professional development content. I was involved in the design of the Strengths Celebration from conception to execution and consulted on everything from invitation communications to the agenda and playful, purposeful activities.

Project contributions:

Creative & strategic consulting with a focus on a fun, meaningful, & participatory guest experience

Event production & on-site coordination

Consulting on communications & content

OPM Collective Circle Crop(2).png

 OPM Collective.

Other People Movement (OPM) applies principles from positive psychology to address loneliness by convening small, diverse groups of strangers to connect deeply with one another in facilitated online gatherings called Circles.

I helped identify the company’s core experience goals, brainstorm creative solutions, and make strategic decisions on where to expand. We offered a new context in which Collective members could interact with each other and deepen their bonds outside of Circle, called the Clubhouse. As the Clubhouse evolved, I gave feedback and made suggestions based on gathering design, experience design, and psychology.

Project contributions:

Coaching on identification of core experience goals

Leading creative ideation

Strategic consultation & analytical feedback

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